7 Things you should never present as a gift

While there are a number of things that can be given as a gift, but there are certain things that you should refrain from


The holiday season is here and everyone’s mind is currently revolving around ideas to be given to close friends and family members. While family members often make it easy by expressing what they want, but selecting gifts for other friends can be tricky. While you might have a few ideas in mind, here are a few things that you need to avoid giving as a gift.

1. Souvenirs – While you might think that it is a good thing to bring something from your recent vacation, but the fact is that no one wants a souvenir from a trip that they did not take.

2. Underwear – Underwear or lingerie is very personal and could be given to partners but giving these things as gifts to friends and family could be awkward.

3. Pets – Not all people might prefer to have a pet and the decision to adopt can require time, preparation and planning. Gifting a friend with a pet could require a commitment for years for which they were not prepared.

4. Clothing – Every person has his/her own style of dressing. So buying for someone else could be tricky, plus there is also a risk of selecting the wrong size that could offend the recipient.

5. Cash – While kids might be excited to have some cash in their stockings, but cash as a present for adults can be awkward. If you are still trapped for another idea, you can go for a gift card.

6. CDs and DVDs – Gone are the days when a trendy movie or an album could be gifted. But this is the generation when the streaming services have become popular and not many people watch movies or listen to music on a player.

7. Household basics – Things like toilet paper, cleaning supplies and groceries should not be counted as gifts. This could give the wrong idea to the recipient and could make them feel that they keep the house untidy.

Photo Credits: Pixabay