Samsung Updates Galaxy S Phones With Android 2.2


Updated Trends: Samsung Updates Galaxy S Phones With Android 2.2

Samsung has finally pepped up its Galaxy S phones, by upgrading it with the latest Android 2.2 FroYo operating system. The upgrade has been announced on all existing Galaxy S phones series, which include the Fascinate, Epic 4G, Vibrant or Captivate. The Android 2.2 is an ultimate operating system available in the market today.

Samsung-Galaxy-S Android 2.2

The Android 2.2 is even considered to be better than the iOS, and Microsoft Windows Phone 7 which has been released recently. The 2.2 allows the user to access more Google Android applications available on the web. Samsung released the upgrade on their open source update website – . Android users can easily update their Android phones by going to the Samsung site.

With an upgrade in their smartphones, Samsung feels that it will be performing better in the market and especially against its competitors who house various operating systems. The Galaxy S is a really good smartphone that was launched by Samsung this year, and with the Android 2.2 on board it makes the phone fell more swivel.