What to eat and what not to eat during UTI

Dealing with UTI also includes dietary habits apart from medications

UTI diet

UTI is a problem that mostly affects women and causes a lot of discomfort. From frequent visits to the bathroom, pain in the pelvic area and plenty of discomfort while passing urine, the feeling is very unpleasant. Although there are treatments that can help to solve UTI, but not many are aware that dietary habits also play a major role towards managing the condition. Here we will be looking in to what to eat and what not to eat when you are suffering from UTI.

What not to eat

1. Coffee, Alcohol or any other caffeine – It is advised not to consume any alcohol, coffee or any other substance that contains caffeine unless the infections is gone. Caffeine tends to irritate the bladder to make things worse.

2. Sugar – Sugar or other sugary foods should be avoided. It is also a common problem in poorly controlled diabetics.

3. Spicy food – This should be avoided as it also tends to irritate the bladder.

4. Acidic fruits – Some of the acidic fruits like oranges and lemons should be avoided at least till the infection is gone. Once you get rid of the infection, such Vitamin rich foods can prevent any future infections.

What to eat

To recover fast you need to include a few foods in your everyday diet

1. Water – Drink plenty of water as it will help to flush out the bacteria.

2. Berries – Any kind of berries are great to deal with UTIs. They help by keeping the bacteria from sticking to the lining of the urinary tract.

3. Probiotics – Consuming probiotics is great as they contain good bacteria and can help to keep the bad bacteria away.

4. Cranberry juice – it contains phytochemicals that helps to reduce the E.Coli bacteria.

Tip: Apart from diet, people suffering from UTI should also take care of proper hygiene of the intimate areas and avoid using soap based products.

Photo Credits: Pixabay