7 Easy ways to deal with bad breath

Consuming and avoiding certain foods can help deal with the problem of bad breath

bad breath

Bad breath is a very unpleasant feeling that is mostly recognized by people standing your side. It is essential that you keep checking your breath to make sure that you are smelling good or you could end up turning off your partner. There could be a number of reasons why your mouth could have an unpleasant odour. It could be due to digestive issues, poor dental hygiene, dry mouth, smoking cigarettes or poor dental hygiene. Some of the below tips will help you to deal with the problem with a few simple remedies.

1. Proper diet – Make sure that the food that you are eating has plenty of raw foods like celery, carrots, basil and parsley. These foods contain anti-oxidant nutrients and provide protection against bad breath. High fibre diet also helps to keep proper digestion.

2. Lemon with warm water – Before you go to bed, you can squeeze half lemon juice to warm water and drink it. It not just helps to deal with bad breath but also helps with bad body odour.

3. Roasted fennel – After a meal, you can chew roasted fennel seeds or cumin seeds that helps with the digestion system and also deals with bad odour.

4. Avoid overeating – Make sure that you don’t overeat and also chew your food properly before swallowing. Also make sure that you drink plenty of water that also helps to promote digestion.

5. Juices – You can have carrot and spinach juice or cucumber juice at least once everyday till the problem of bad breath is solved.

6. Drinking water – It is important to keep your mouth moist by drinking plenty of water. It helps to promote production of saliva in the mouth and flushes out all the bacteria that could contribute towards bad breath.

7. Consult a dietician or a dentist – If the above options don’t work then you can consult a dietician or a dentist who can suggest better ways.

Photo Credits: Pixabay