Pantry items that practically never expire

There are a number of pantry items that actually do not have an expiry date


The pantry is a space that should never run dry. However, one has to make sure that the items on the pantry are managed well. Make sure that the perishable items are used up before they get expired. Not many are aware that there are many pantry items that basically never expire and can remain intact if proper storage care is taken. Here are some of the pantry items that practically never expire.

1. Most of the canned foods – The canning process includes locking out the oxygen. In this process the canned food can stay fresh for many years. Sometimes even beyond the expiry dates. But one needs to be careful in storage process. If the cans rust or are dented then the contents inside should never be consumed.

2. Salt – Store the salt in an air tight container and the natural preservatives in it will last forever.

3. Honey – Real and non-contaminated honey can be stored for many years. Even if it crystalized or the color changes, it remains good as long as the container is sealed.

4. Sugar – Sugar if stored for a longer time could harden, but it can still be consumed.

5. Vanilla extract – Pure vanilla extract is mostly alcohol. It can stay fresh for years.

6. Oats – Oats are dried grains which can last for many years if they are stored in an air tight container.

7. Dried pasta – Pasta manufacturers print an expiry date, but the fact is that if the package is not opened the dried pasta can last for many years.

8. Powdered milk – Powdered milk that is sealed and unopened can last for years.

9. Cornstarch – Cornstarch can also remain intact when it is in a sealed package.

10. Dried beans – Dried beans and other whole lentils can be stored in sealed packages or can also be stored in deep freezers and can last for many years.

Photo Credits: Pixabay