Tesla implements its mask mandate for workers at Nevada

Tesla is showing a contrast attitude by implementing the mask mandate after being a rebel in 2020


There was a time when Tesla was known for not complying with the local COVID-19 safety orders. But now the company has introduced a fresh policy for its employees. The employees of Tesla will require to wear a mask irrespective of their status of vaccination. Earlier the employees at the plant who been fully vaccinated were not required to wear a mask.

Reports say that the decision was taken by Tesla due to the ongoing scare of the Delta variant of the coronavirus which is more transmissible. Even the CDC guidelines have mentioned that the vaccinated people should wear masks indoors as well. However, getting all the shots of the vaccine reduces the chances of the infections and symptoms. But there have been instances that when the vaccinated people get infected they can also transmit the infection to others.

Tesla has not responded to a request for comment, but it is very unlikely to do so. The company had quietly dissolved its public relations team during fall 2020. But it took a slow approach to implement the mandatory mask policy when compared to its Detroit based competitors. The auto giant’s current attitude is complete different from what it was in May 2020 when it had kept its Fremont car plant open. It had refused to follow the Almeda County lockdown rules. This was when Elon Musk had threatened to move the headquarters of Tesla out of California and sue the county.

However, the current situation is a lot different and it is also easier for the company to comply as the factory can be allowed to be open as the restrictions ease. Moreover, the company is also facing a tough time with the high demand for its vehicles which makes the officials less patient. For now Tesla is showing a sharp contrast in its behavior towards the COVID policies and is also ready to volunteer to take action.

Photo Credits: Pixabay