Celebrity dietician Rujuta Diwekar tips on right way of eating fruits

Fruits are great for the health but many people are not aware of eating them in the right way


Popular Indian celebrity dietician Rujuta Diwekar is known for her out of the box suggestions when it comes to weight loss. She was the person behind actress Kareena Kapoor and her size zero look in the film Tashan that dropped many jaws. Diwekar through her Instagram post has given a few useful tips about the right way of eating fruits. Here are a few things the dietician has suggested while eating fruits to remain healthy.

1. Eat a fruit solo – People often have a conception that a bowl of mixed fruits would be healthy, but the fact is that it does not work like that. Any fruit should be eaten solo. For instance, if you are having an apple, do not mix it with any other fruit.

2. Eat it as a first meal – Fruits are supposed to be eaten as a meal and should not be mixed with your regular meals. Any fruit has a different decomposition time than the regular meal which means that if they are mixed, it can cause a toxic effect to the body. A fruit as a first meal in the day is the best things you can do to remain healthy.

3. Fruit as a post workout meal – Having a fruit as a post workout meal is also a great idea. The body is tired after a workout. A fruit contains natural sugars to restore the energy levels and fibre that keeps you going for a longer time by making you feel full.

4. Chew them – You need to chew your fruit and not juice them. Juicing them deprives you of the fibre and other nutrients of the fruit.

5. Eat seasonal fruits – Seasonal fruits are the best to be had instead of eating those that have been artificially grown off season. They have the best nutrition.

6. Eat them whole and with hands – Fruits should be eaten whole and should be eaten with your hands and not with a fork.

Photo Credits: Pixabay