Few ways how monsoon can be bad for the skin

Monsoon can also have a few bad effects on the skin despite the moisture in the atmosphere


The monsoon season comes as a relief for the skin, especially for people who struggle with a dry skin. This happens due to the increase of the moisture and humidity levels in the atmosphere. High humidity levels also leads to high perspiration levels. This helps the skin to get rid of the toxins easily. But anything in excess does come with a negative side effect. Here are a few negative side effects that the skin can have during the monsoon season.

1. Skin breakouts – When the skin sweats too much then it clogs the pores and also makes the skin more prone to have breakouts. Such a skin can lead to acne by the time the monsoon subsides. For this, you need to keep cleaning the skin by cleansing, scrubbing and toning on a regular basis.

2. Anhidrosis – When the humidity is at a high level, the sweat ducts can close and cause a skin condition known as Anhidrosis. This happens when a person is not able to sweat. Under such circumstances, the sweat glands do not perform properly. People need to first identify their skin type and then use the kind of products that suit their skin as per the weather.

3. Heat rashes – Heat rashes can pop up when the sweat ducts get blocked leading to small red bumps on the skin. You can use an ice cube directly on these rashes. It soothes the bumps and reduces the redness. Apart from external care, people also need to take care of their diet and consume a balanced diet for a healthy and plump skin.

Apart from regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing, it is also important to use a good sunscreen lotion that protects the skin from the harmful UV Rays. The monsoon season is also a time when people need to wear a sunscreen. The skin is the largest organ of the body and needs some good care.

Photo Credits: Pixabay