Ways to improve immunity in children during pandemic

Immunity in children is critical during the pandemic as they still do not have access to vaccines


The vaccines for the deadly coronavirus are here and are being administered to people across the globe. The only people who need to wait a little longer are children as the vaccines for the age group is yet to be launched and is under the trial phase. While the adults are immunized, children need to be protected and the only way to do that is by keeping their immunity up to the mark. This will help to reduce the risk of infection in children. They need to be encouraged to consume more whole foods instead of processed foods. Here are a few way that can help to improve the immunity of the kids.

1. Consume nutritious food – The pandemic is a time when people at home are consuming a lot of processed and junk food. But That could not be helpful. They should be encouraged to consume protein rich and fibre rich foods like eggs, fish, vegetables that are locally growth, season fruits and clarified butter. Nutritious food can make then strong and keep them safe from infections.

2. Sleep hygiene – Parenting has become a challenge during the pandemic but this is the time you need to have a close watch on their sleep patterns. Reduce the time that you kids spends in front of the screens. Long screen hours makes them restless and irritable.

3. Exercise and exposure to sunlight – Children need to develop a habit of exercising regularly everyday. Apart from exercise, early morning sunlight exposure will provide ample vitamin D which is essential for a strong immunity.

4. Low sugar diet – When kids consume high sugar diet, it suppresses their immune system. If you cannot avoid, then at least limit the sugar based foods like chocolates, sweets, sauces, packaged snacks and fruit juices. These contain excess sugar with empty calories and do no good for the body. You can replace sugar with fruits that contain natural sugar.

Photo Credits:  Pixabay