Post COVID-19 hair fall – Ways to deal with it

Post COVID-19 hair fall is reported by a number of people who have recovered

hair fall

The COVID-19 pandemic started off in China in December 2019. Year 2020 was when the virus managed to spread across the globe and infected millions of people and also claimed millions of lives. That was a time when health experts hardly knew what kind of effects that the virus could have on a person’s health. Even after recovering completely, a number of people complained of a number of side effects. One of the most common side effect that has been reported by people all over is excessive hair fall. COVID-19 causes a lot of stress and this results in a significant hair loss. Doctors have opined that people who suffer from viral infections or have gone through surgeries in the past or have gone through acute stress, can suffer excessive hair fall.

Here we will be discussing about ways to deal with the excess hair fall post COVID as per the health experts.

1. Diet – Make sure that the diet that you consume is protein rich and consists of eggs, cottage cheese, fish, green and leafy vegetables, soybean and other foods rich in protein.

2. Exercise – Exercise is a great way to improve the blood circulation. It helps to secrete endorphins which are also known as the happy hormones that enhances regrowth of hair.

3. Supplements – Doctors recommend to take supplements after a viral infection. There are a number of supplements for hair growth that are available in the market that contain anti-oxidants, amino acids and multi-vitamins.

4. Botanical lotions – People who are suffering from mild to severe hair fall can apply botanical lotions like lypsyl and redensyl that can be helpful.

5. Therapy – Patients who are worried and are extremely concerned can undergo hair treatment therapies or hair growth boosters that can help the hair grow faster.

Post COVID-19 hair fall usually vanishes by 4 to 5 months, but if it continues then it is suggested to visit a dermatologist for consult.

Photo Credits: Pixabay