Myths about air conditioner that need to be busted

There are certain facts and misconceptions about an air conditioner that needs to be addressed

air conditioner

An air conditioner is a device that helps to cool your home during the summer heat and best works when the weather becomes humid and too hot to be handled by the ceiling fans. These devices consume a lot of electricity but there are certain myths related to them and need to be addressed.

1. Fins and coils of the air conditioner need not to be cleaned – The evaporator coils and fins are things that allow the heat to be passed from the cooling system to the air. If this important process is hit with a hindrance due to layers of grime and dust accumulated then it can affect the efficiency. Before the warm season it is wise to clean up the air conditioner.

2. Lower temperature allows quick cooling – Turning the temperature lower while thinking that it would cool the room faster does not help to save power. The air conditioner works as hard in low temperature like it does at a higher temperature.

3. The bigger the unit the better – Air conditioners need to be selected as per the space where you need to install. For instance, if you have a bigger space and select a smaller unit, then it will have to work harder to be effective.

4. It is wise to use an air conditioner till it gives up – An air conditioner works at its best when it is new. But do not keep an old air conditioner longer than you should. An old unit can perform poorly and can cost you more for repairs and maintenance.

5. Your AC gives you a cold – It is the virus that causes a cold and not the cool temperature. This is a very old thought that makes many people think that air conditioners can make people sick.

6. Air conditioners can be summer ready without any prep – Before the summer season begins, it is important to clean up the device for optimum performance.

Photo Credits: Pixabay