Subway will be giving away 1 million free sandwiches

Subway is celebrating a major revamp of its menu by giving away free sandwiches


American fast food restaurant franchise Subway is all set to revamp its menu. To celebrate the change, the company will be giving away 1 million free subs on July 13, 2021. As a preparation, the chain will be shutting down 10,000 of its restaurants in the US, which marks about half of its locations at 6 PM on July 12, 2021 so it can prepare for the fresh menu on the next day. On July 13, 2021, the fast food chain will be giving away one million free 6 inch Turkey Cali Fresh subs.

The customers looking for their free sub will have to go to a Subway between 10 am and noon local time and request for a free sub. The franchise has given the change a name while calling it “Eat Fresh Refresh”. It is expected to have more than 20 menu changes that will be applied to all of the US restaurants. Improvements have been made to every core menu item. Changes have been made in terms of the sauces, bread and proteins.

Health conscious people will have more options with bread – hearty multigrain and artisan Italian. Some ingredients like smashed avocado, slices turkey and ham, fresh mozzarella and parmesan vinaigrette have also been added to the menu. Overall there are going to be 11 new ingredients, four altered sandwiches, six new sandwiches and a completely new digital ordering experience.

Talking about Subway, it has also faced the flack of the coronavirus pandemic. The company had to shut down a number of locations across the globe and a large number of locations were shut down in the US alone during the year 2020. The new idea of revamping the menu and addition of ingredients will help the franchise to get back to business as it suffered a loss of 6.6 percent during the early pandemic time. The menu at Subway varies from region to region.

Photo Credits: Pixabay