County residents to have electric vehicle consumer guide website

The Electric vehicle consumer guide website will provide all the essential information about electric vehicles

electric vehicle

Electric vehicles are indeed the future of the automotive sector. It is not just cost effective but is also a great way to conserve the environment. Electric vehicles cause zero emissions and people across the globe are encouraging people to conserve energy. The County of San Diego has created a fresh consumer guide website that will have all the information about costs, benefits and incentives about electric vehicles. The residents, who are about to buy an electric vehicle will be able to refer to the consumer guide.

The Electric Vehicle Consumer Guide is a product of the EV Roadmap which was approved by the Board of Supervisors in 2019. It was approved to encourage people to buy electric vehicles, build charging stations and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. The County Board of Supervisors had also voted to join hands with the UC San Diego to make a strategy to move to the region towards zero carbon emissions by the year 2035.

Nathan Fletcher, the County Board of Supervisors expressed that the introduction of the electric vehicles will help to reach towards the zero-emission goal. Fletcher added that the EV Consumer guide website will be providing every single information for the people who need help to decide if driving an electric car would be a good option for them. The website will be providing information on the environmental and financial benefits of having an electric vehicle. It will also provide information about the types if zero emission vehicles that will include on-board batteries, plug in hybrid electric vehicles. Some of the electric vehicles also have a back-up gas-powered systems as well as hydrogen cell vehicles.

It will also be having information on the pre-owned electric vehicles along with a fuel-comparison calculator, locations of the EV charging stations, required permissions, information on installing charging stations at home, apartments or businesses, information on financial incentives for buying an electric car and more.

Photo Credits: Pixabay