7 Outfit mistakes that can make you look dull and shabby

    You outfit speaks about your personality and it needs to be neat and up to the mark


    Your outfit works more than your body language. It portrays your personality, your mood, your approach and your sense of style. Different people with different personalities have different choices, it does not matter what people prefer to wear, but certain things do spoil your sense of dressing. Here we will be discussing a few points that can be kept in mind next time you are dressing up. These are the points that can make you look messy despite what mood you are in.

    1. Pay attention to creases – Make sure that you wear ironed clothes and pay special attention to the collar, cuffs and pleats. Whether it is an important office meeting, a date with a special person or just a casual outing with a friend, make sure you get rid of your creases.

    2. Dull white clothes – White clothes tend to become yellowish with time after constant washes. If they have become dull, you can avoid wearing them or can just hand them over to laundry professionals who can recycle them and make them brand new.

    3. Chipped nail paint – You might not have found time for a manicure. But If you have chipped nail color on your nails and don’t have time to put on a new one, make sure that you at least remove it completely.

    4. Ill-fitting clothes – You might like to remain comfortable under any circumstances, but at least make sure that your clothes fit you well. Wearing oversized clothes can make you look shabby and wearing too tight clothes can make you look odd.

    5. Faded clothing – Dispose off any clothing that has been discolored and no longer usable. Wearing faded clothes can make you look dull and sad.

    6. Lint on clothing – Make sure that you get rid of any lint on your clothing.

    7. Uncomfortable or ill-fitting shoes –Be careful when you wear new shoes. Make sure that they fit you well. If they are too tight or are oversized then it can affect the way you walk.

    Photo Credits: Pixabay