COVID-19 vaccine – Things to be aware of before taking the second dose of the vaccine

After taking the COVID-19 vaccine second dose, it is important for people to know about certain facts


People across the world have ramped up their respective coronavirus vaccination drives. While a number of people have already taken their first dose of the vaccine, many people are now waiting to take the second dose of it. Although majority of the people who have received their first dose have already experienced to what they can expect, but there are certain things that people need to know before they take their second dose. Here are a few things you need to be aware of.

1. People who received their first dose could have experienced certain side effects like fever, headache, body-ache, nausea and soreness, could get the symptoms again after the second dose. It is also possible that you cloud have no symptoms at all but one has to remain prepared.

2. After the second dose, the side effects of the vaccine remain for nearly 24 to 72 hours. People who have taken it, need to take plenty of rest and take medicines as per the advise of your physician. It is also advised to take plenty of fluids and avoid any strenuous work.

3. People who have received the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine need to continue to wear a mask. The vaccine takes nearly two weeks to be completely effective against the virus. The first two weeks, the immunity of the person remains relatively low as it takes time for the body to get adjusted with the antibodies.

4. People who have taken the second dose need to continue follow the safety protocols and guidelines that have been placed by the local authorities. You cannot roam around without a mask. It is important to protect yourself and others from the virus. The vaccine does not completely guarantee of protection but has the ability to reduce the severity of the disease. This would mean that the vaccine can help to avoid hospitalization.

Photo Credits: Pixabay