Ways to take care of your elderly family members during the pandemic

Elderly people need to be extra careful during the coronavirus pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic started off being dangerous for the elderly people and it is slowly switching towards the younger population. However, the senior citizens need to continue to remain careful and take precautions from COVID-19 despite being vaccinated. Many of us have elder people at home and the younger people need to at some point step out of the house for work. However, some people have elder people living away from them but the pandemic forces us to keep them isolated for their safety. Here are a few ways you can still take care of the elderly people while being away.

1. Do not allow them to step out – There are certain essentials like groceries and other everyday essentials that would force them to step out of the house. But technology has changed and allows us to order groceries and other essentials that can be delivered right at the doorstep. Make sure that you order them the groceries and other essentials and get them delivered at their residence.

2. Remain in touch – In between your work shifts, it is essential that you keep in touch with them to make sure that they are OK and are doing well. Keep instructing them to monitor their health and communicate about the slightest symptoms.

3. Spend time – If not personally, you can spend time with them virtually, but video calling or playing online games with them. You can also organize virtual parties and spend some quality time together while being apart.

4. Get them vaccinated – It is important that the elderly in the house are vaccinated. Vaccination does not provide a complete protection from COVID-19 but helps to reduce the severity of the disease.

5. Make them learn about devices and online transactions – You can teach them how to be independent but helping them to learn about ordering online. It could be food, groceries or other stuff that they need on an everyday basis.

Photo Credits: Pixabay