4 Innovative ways to make your balcony rain-friendly

Your balcony is a space which can be made rain-friendly so you can spend some stress-free time with your loved ones


People who have a balcony with an open view know the joy of having it when it rains. There is nothing in the world that can describe the pleasant feeling of enjoying the rain from the balcony while sipping on a hot cup of tea or coffee. But for many it can be a dreadful experience as people end up trying to protect the space from water. Here are a few tips to make the balcony space rain-friendly.

1. Install an awning – An Awning is like a covering that is attached to the external wall of the building and is installed as per the space you want to be covered. The best part about it is that it is easily collapsible when you want some bright sun to enter your balcony. It can be rolled out with ease when it rains so you can enjoy some quality time.

2. Install rain curtains – If you are not able to get rain curtains, you can also opt for shower curtains that some in various sizes, patterns, colors and material. They not just look great but are also budget friendly. Even during the summer months these curtains can be used to block the sunlight.

3. Bring some water-proof furniture –Make sure that you enjoy the rain without worrying about what would happen to your furniture. Bring in some furniture like a couple of chairs and a small table which is water-proof. They come in various designs and would add to the glam of the space that you have.

4. Apply water-proof paint – When you decide to paint your balcony, make sure that you buy a water-proof one so the walls will not catch any moisture during the rainy days and it will also prevent the growth of fungi. Make sure that you opt for a soft pastel color that will help to reflect light. Dark colors will make your balcony look dark.

Photo Credits: Pixabay