Facebook manages to reach the target of making use of 100 percent renewable energy

Facebook has also invited environmental organizations in the world to sign up voluntarily on its social network


Social networking giant Facebook has said that it has reached the target that uses renewable energy for its entire global operations. After reaching this goal, the company is looking forward to focus on the broader goal of reaching net-zero emissions. It is looking forward to achieve this goal on its entire value chain by 2030. It will also include the suppliers and the business activities like employee commuting and travel.

Facebook had first announced about its efforts in to the renewable energy in 2018 to reduce its impact to the environment from some of the big businesses that will deal with the climate change problem. It was two years back when the Paris Climate Agreement had seen 143 countries who committed to keep the global temperatures down by 2 degrees above the pre-industrial levels and it ideally comes to 1.5 degree celsius.

Apart from Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon have also committed to have environmental targets and have already spent billions towards renewable energy that will help with the carbon-emitting generation. In recent times such companies have also received constant pressure from the investors tracking environment.

Talking about Facebook, it has so far invested $8 billion in green energy projects and this includes 63 new wind and solar power plants. It has placed more than 6GW of wind as well as solar energy contracts. On the other hand even Amazon has put its investments in nearly 6.5 GW that makes it the world’s biggest corporate as a purchaser of renewable energy. Facebook has been able to reach the landmark with the Earth Day. To mark this event, it has invited environmental organizations from across the globe to voluntarily sign up on its social network. This will help to spread the awareness about the environment among the people on the social network. Since the climate is drastically changing across the globe, it has become important for the big companies to take important steps.

Photo Credits: Pixabay