Warning signs that your liver might not be functioning properly

Liver plays a vital role in the body function as it produces bile and helps to balance the chemicals in the blood


There are a number of signs that the body conveys through different symptoms. A liver in the body helps to regulate the chemical levels in the blood and also produces bile. The blood that passes through the stomach and the intestines first pass from the liver. If this organ fails to function properly, the body might begin to show some symptoms. It is important to pay attention to such symptoms. Here are a few signs that your body could show in case your liver is not functioning the way it should.

1. Loss of appetite – Loss of appetite is one of the most common signs of liver damage. If your condition remains for an abnormally longer time, then it is high time to consult a medical practitioner.

2. Feeling lethargic all the time – Of you are constantly feeling tired despite the fact that you have not worked that hard, then this could be a sign for a liver distress. If you are finding yourself exhausted regularly without a valid reason, give it some attention.

3. You have an itchy skin – Affecting the liver is when the bile duct is not responding properly. This often leads to your skin being very itchy. This could be due to other reasons as well, but if the problem continues for a long time then you need a consult.

4. Yellowing of eyes – When the white portion of the eyes are turning yellow, this could mean that you are jaundiced and could affect your liver severely. This happens due to high levels of bilirubin in the body.

5. Sudden weight gain – If you are gaining weight all of a sudden, then there are chances that you are suffering from cirrhosis. It is a condition where a healthy tissue of the organ is replaced with a scar tissue. It blocks the blood flow through the liver and also prevents the other organs from functioning properly. The disease develops slowly.

Photo Credits: Pixabay