5 Fun ways of celebrating birthdays during lockdown

Birthdays can indeed be celebrated during in a great way despite lockdown


Birthdays are surely times when you would like to enjoy it with your family and friends. But the coronavirus pandemic has made things tough and has made it risky for people who meet and greet each other. During the early lockdown days, a number of people were seen cancelling a number of events and family-get-togethers. Thankfully, despite the pandemic, there are indeed a few ways you could make your birthday special and have a celebration in the most unique way. Here are a few ways you could have a celebration under lockdown situations.

1. A virtual party – The technology has made a number of advancements these days and there are ways you could still see each other while being miles apart. A virtual party is something that could be planned and would also be fun. Decide on a time, dress up and join your family members virtually.

2. Decorate – If you are having a virtual party, you could also decorate your space which will being in the feel. Fill the room with balloons and streamers and feel like you are going to have a big party at home.

3. Dress up – Not just the birthday person, but everyone else who is at the party virtually needs to dress up. You could decide on a color scheme or a theme. Glam up with the best outfit or the new outfit you have decided you would wear and get the party started.

4. Bring in some cakes and snacks – Birthday parties is all about the cake and some snacks. You and everyone else in the virtual party can arrange for a cake and some snacks and enjoy.

5. Pamper yourself – Before the party begins, you can start your day by treating yourself with a nice and hot bath and order your favourite meal from your favourite restaurant. You could also pamper yourself with a nice at-home spa session.

Photo Credits: Pixabay