5 Signs that could hint towards deficiency of Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency could show a few signs that you need to observe and work on immediately

vitamin D

The pandemic is a time when it is important for everyone to keep up with your health and be immune so as to be protected from the coronavirus. Health experts throughout the world have been talking about the importance of Vitamin C and Vitamin D in the body that helps with the immunity of the body. Vitamin D also helps to maintain bone health and also regulates calcium in the body. If your body is undergoing a deficiency of Vitamin D here are a few signs that you can look up to.

1. Feeling lethargic frequently – There could be times when you are feeling less energetic or tired the entire day and this could be one of the signs for deficiency of Vitamin D. You can include foods that are rich in Vitamin D or absorb some sunlight early in the morning.

2. Falling sick frequently – Like mentioned before, Vitamin D is important for a good immunity of the body. Deficiency of this vitamin might make you fall sick often. If you are catching cold and cough pretty often, then it is time to get yourself checked for deficiency.

3. Skin issues – Deficiency of  the sun Vitamin could also be related to some of the skin problems like skin rashes, skin ageing and acne. It is important to consume foods like egg yolks, salmon fish, red meat, fat spreads and breakfast cereals.

4. Depression – This might be surprising for some, but it is true as deficiency of Vitamin D affects the mood and makes the person feel depressed for a longer time. You could take supplements but it is best to consume the most natural source.

5. Hair fall – People who are experiencing hair fall should get themselves checked for vitamin D deficiency. Hair growth depends on this vitamin. Apart from any external applications like oil and serums, it is also important to eat right and healthy.

Photo Credits: Pixabay