Southwest Airlines offers flight prices as low as $29

Southwest Airlines is attracting passengers by offering flight prices as low as $29

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The travel sector has been severely affected during the pandemic time. Due to global implementation of lock downs, the travel was strictly restricted and a number of countries continue to restrict travel as a safety precaution. The airline industry is one of the most affected sectors and suffered losses and furloughs. But now things are trying to roll back and efforts are being made by Southwest Airlines to grab the attention of the travellers as the year 2021 begins. The airline has launched its Low Fare sale and the tickets from one way travel begins from only $29.

The sale begins on January 4, 2020 and will continue for four days till January 7, 2020. For some of the short flights, the low ticket prices would be applicable. But prices for the long distance travel will not be so low. For instance, the flights from San Francisco to Los Angeles would be low but people who are travelling from San Francisco to East Coast, the prices might not be so low. The flights with the lowest prices will be available on Wednesdays and Tuesdays.

Passengers who are booking flights need to take care about a policy that once they have booked a flight, they will not be able to get a refund, but a credit. Another policy of the airline as a part of the sale mentions that the cancellations would only be accepted if they are cancelled at least ten minutes before the scheduled departure. If the passenger fails to cancel before the scheduled departure, then they will not be able to get any credit.

As a precaution from the pandemic, the airline has promised safe flights with electrostatic disinfectant spray, HEPA air filter, hand sanitizers at the airport, mandatory face coverings and physical distancing measures. Not just Southwest Airlines, but airlines across the globe are trying their best at different levels to attract passengers.

Photo Credits: Pixabay