5 Simple tips to deal with pregnancy during winter season

Pregnancy during the winter season can be challenging but a few tips can make the phase a cake-walk


Pregnancy is a very delicate time for women who are going through the phase. It becomes even more challenging with seasonal changes especially during the winter time. This is a time when dryness is on kits peak and lack of moisture makes it even more tough for women who have to carry a huge belly amidst the weather. But here are a few tips that you can consider while trying to survive a winter pregnancy.

1. Remain hydrated – Winter is a time when we hardly have any water intake, but pregnant women should stay hydrated by taking in plenty of fluids, preferably water. Drinking water, will help you to keep your body hydrated and will also maintain the fluid in the amniotic sack that needs to be adequate throughout the pregnancy. In pregnancy, women should drink at least 8 to ten glasses of water in a day.

2. Invest in large over-coats – You might have overcoats of your own, but now that you have doubled in size, you need to take some extra protection for your belly as well. There are plenty of warm maternity coats that are available for the moms-to-be. They will help to keep you and the belly warm and protected.

3. Sign up for virtual Yoga classes – It is important to keep the body active and during winter you can indulge in meditation and yoga. There are a number of virtual classes for the would-be-moms. It will help you to get rid of a back pain and will also aid a smooth delivery.

4. Invest in ant—slippery slippers/shoes – First of all you need to avoid walking on slippery walks during winter and take small steps. Also invest in a good pair of anti-slipper slippers/shoes that will keep your feet warm.

5. Eat well – You need to maintain a proper diet and not allow your unhealthy cravings take over. Indulge in seasonal fruits, like oranges, apples and bananas and include green vegetables in your diet.

Photo Credits: Pixabay