5 Complications that can arise during pregnancy

Women need to be aware of certain complications that could arise during pregnancy


Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life. However, it is also a delicate phase, where the would-be mother needs to be careful about her health. If certain things are ignored, the result could be fatal for the woman as well as the child who is growing inside. Here we will be discussing about some of the common problems in pregnancy that every would-be mother needs to know and be aware of.

1. Gestational diabetes – it is similar to diabetes but could happen when a woman is pregnant. This could happen when the body is not able to process any sugar in the right way and that can lead to excess sugar levels in the blood. During pregnancy, women need to eat healthy and check on their diet. The problem is usually resolved after delivery.

2. High blood pressure – During pregnancy, the placenta needs proper supply of oxygen and blood. High blood pressure can occur when the arteries, that carry blood from the heart to the organs of the body, are narrowed. Regular checks are needed with the doctor who can have a watch on your blood pressure levels. If the problem persists, then there are chances that it could affect the growth of the baby.

3. Preeclampsia – such a problem can develop during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy that can lead to high blood pressure and sometimes even kidney problems. Under such circumstances, the doctors can advise an emergency delivery so as the disease does not spread more.

4. Preterm labour – A full term pregnancy is of 37 weeks and when the woman develops labour pains before 37 weeks then that can be called as pre-term labour. The condition could be risky as there are possibilities that the lungs of the babies or some of the vital organs might not be properly developed.

5. Anaemia – When the level of red-blood cells reduce the doctors can advise to take supplements or iron and folic acid during pregnancy.

Photo Credits: Pixabay