American Airlines passengers to be offered at-home COVID-19 tests for the US travel

American Airlines passengers will have to pay $129 for the at-home COVID-19 test apart from the travel expense

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American Airlines is all set to offer COVID-19 tests at the convenience of the homes for the passengers who are flying domestic. The new facility will help the passengers to meet a number of travel restrictions laid down by the state. The official announcement was made by the airline on December 8, 2020.

American airlines has joined hands with the home testing company LetsGetChecked. The passengers will be charged $129 apart from the cost of travel. A number of states have implemented the travel restriction for the passengers to present a negative coronavirus test report either before they depart or upon arrival at the destination. The latest move from American Airlines will help the travelers to check themselves beforehand.

This will also allow the passengers to get access to a reliable testing result. Testing at a number of places in the United States continues to be unreliable and there are also loopholes in the process. Despite the test results, there are all the chances that the person could get infected on the way or at the airport. A number of states have different kinds of restrictions and some of them continue to require the travelers to be quarantines despite the fact that they have a negative test result. The test kits by LetsGetChecked has a nasal swab so that the customers can take a sample at their homes and can send it back through mail with the help of UPS.

The entire process takes about a few days and the travellers need to order their tests at least five days before their date of journey. American Airlines has become the first airline to offer such a service for domestic flights. Other major airlines have also been contemplating to introduce such a testing protocol so that the passengers are encouraged to return to the skies amidst the pandemic. The measure will also help the airlines that have faced a major downfall due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Photo Credits: Pixabay