Hawaii changes its pandemic rules as it welcomes tourists again

Tourists travelling to Hawaii will have to test negative to escape the 14-day mandatory quarantine


The state of Hawaii has changed the rules for the travelers who wish to visit the country during the coronavirus pandemic. The tourists will now have to test negative upon their arrival in the state and they will not have to undergo the mandatory self-quarantine of two weeks. A number of countries went in to a complete lockdown, due to the coronavirus pandemic in the month of March, 2020 and since then a number of people had to remain indoors.

Many people are now longing to get out for a holiday to take a break from the routine. Hawaii government launched the pre-testing program that started off on October 15, 2020 which allowed visitors to skip quarantine, if they test negative for COVID-19 within 72 hours of their arrival to the island state. The officials had boasted that they have made the mandatory quarantine policy since long and has also been the reason for the state’s success in keeping the virus away.

However, the tests that would be conducted at the airport are not free of cost and the passengers will have to shell out $250 for a fast result test. However, despite the measures, the Unites States has been facing a lot of criticism over the increasing number of cases and has also raised questions, if Hawaii is actually ready to safely welcome the holidayers.

Just before the summer holidays, the local restrictions were brought down but then the community spread of the diseases started to spike. This forced the government to enforce the next round of stay-at-home orders for the residents. Even the non-essential businesses were asked to shut down. Despite the measures, experts have opined that the testing program before 72 hours of arrival with an option to fly is still not safe for the residents of the island. The economy of Hawaii is built around tourism and it is essential to take such steps to keep the economy of the state rolling.

Photo Credits: Pixabay