Hair fall a new problem that is a result of the coronavirus pandemic

Hair fall is a problem that a number of coronavirus infection survivors are facing

hair fall

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic started, it has been understood that it is a respiratory related illness that is similar to flu and if it aggravates it can also be fatal. The pandemic started off in December, 2019 and since then a number of things have been observed by the health experts, which has helped them to understand the actual character of the virus. Health experts are now observing that a large number of people who have recovered from COVID-19 are facing severe hair fall issues.

Experts opine that it is related to the stress that is related to the virus. Annrene Rowe, is a 67 year old woman who recovered from COVID-19 in the month of April, 2020 after being hospitalized for 12 days. Rowe recently was getting ready to celebrate her tenth wedding anniversary and this was when she noticed a bald spot on her scalp. Soon her hair started falling in clumps and could also be found clogging in the shower drain. Rowe managed to find some strikingly similar stories on some of the online forums that had testimonies from the other COVID-19 survivors.

Doctors also agree that they are noticing a number of patients with hair loss problems which is a condition that is believed to be related to the virus. It is affecting people who were sick and also those who never showed symptoms. Even under normal circumstances, people tend to shed hair either when they have undergone a major surgery, illness or an emotional trauma.

Doctors are also saying that people are facing hair loss issues not only due to the virus but also due to the psychological stress of fighting it off. Although many people who did not contract the virus at all are also facing hair loss problems due to emotional stress from losing their job, financial problems, death in family or other effects due to the pandemic. Before the pandemic medical people were not seeing such patients but now the number has increased to a new level.

Photo Credits: Pixabay