7 Foods that can help to relieve from bloating problems

Bloating of the stomach can be very uncomfortable but a few foods can help deal with the problem


It is a time when we tend to consume a lot of processed food that makes you feel bloated. This happens when processed food tends to produce gases in the stomach and makes you feel full and uncomfortable. When this becomes severe, this also leads to chest pain. If you are too sensitive for bloating then it is wise to avoid processed food altogether and indulge in foods that will be soothing for the stomach. Here are a few foods that can help to get rid of stomach bloating.

1. Pineapple – This fruit is rich in bromelain enzyme that helps in the digestion of proteins and fats. It is also high in potassium content and is low in sodium which helps to reduce bloating.

2. Cucumber – As cool as cucumber. This truly applies as it is a cool vegetable that soothes and cools down the activity in the stomach. It also helps to clear the passage of the food which is one of the main reasons of constipation and bloating.

3. Avocados – Avocados are not just nutritious, but also helps to prevent water retention as it is rich in potassium. It regulates the sodium levels in the body helps to deal with the bloating cause by intake of excessive salt.

4. Curd – Curd contains probiotics which are important to improve digestive health. It also contains potassium that helps to deal with bloating problems.

5. Ginger – Ginger as such is an ingredient which helps in digestion and speeds up the process. It makes the digestive enzymes more active and also has anti-inflammatory properties.

6. Bananas – it is another healthy fruit that is rich in potassium and also has soluble fibre. It helps to flush out excess sodium and reduces inflammation. It is also helpful for people who have constipation issues.

7. Asparagus – Food experts count this in super foods and flushes extra water from the body which helps to relieve from bloating and discomfort.

Photo Credits: Pixabay