Actor Antonie Kamerling Dies At The Age Of 44


Updated Trends: Actor Antonie Kamerling Dies At The Age Of 44

Actor Antonie Kamerling has died at the age of 44, on Thursday. His death is said to be an apparent suicide, which is really shocking to his family and friends. It is said that he was suffering from depression, which he had admitted to the media recently. His depression could be one of the main reasons, that he might have committed suicide.
Antonie Kamerling

Antonie has starred in the show ‘The Good Times’, and he also married fellow actress of the show Isa Hoes, with whom he had two children. It is very sad to realize that Antonie actually committed suicide, as he was a very good person and a friend to everyone.

His friends and close relative are in a state of shock after knowing about Antonie’s death, as he has left behind two of his children in the family. The funeral preparation and his burial have not been announced yet, but everyone close to him will be missing him a lot.

“Rest In Peace Antonie”