7 Reasons why babies find it tough to fall asleep

Some babies find it tough to fall asleep and there could be a few reasons behind it


New parents face a number of issues as their infant has just started to adjust to the new surroundings. There are a number of factors like the sleep timing and feed timing that matter to the baby and it is in the hands of the parents to fix a proper schedule. Many parents often face a problem when their baby is finding it hard to fall asleep. There are a number of factors that could be responsible for that.

1. They could be overtired – This happens with normal adults as well. When the baby is overtired, then it becomes tough for him/her to fall asleep. It also makes them fussy and tend to wake up from their sleep frequently. It is important to maintain a proper schedule.

2. When they are over stimulated – When the situation or the surrounding is stimulating or exciting, they cannot remain calm. This makes them hyper-alert and prevents them to fall asleep.

3. The baby is not in a healthy routine – It is not just important in terms of sleep, but even in terms of feeding and other things it is important to maintain a schedule.

4. Need for a prop – Some babies have the habit of having a prop to make them fall asleep. It is important to make them fall asleep without the prop.

5. They might be facing some physical discomfort – if the baby has suddenly stopped falling asleep on their own and used to have a regular schedule earlier, then there are chances that they could have some medical problem. Consult a pediatrician in that case.

6. They are still hungry – Babies after the age of 6 months should be given solid food, or they might remain hungry and will not be able to have a good night sleep.

7. They might be feeling too hot or too cold – Understand if your baby is feeling too cold or too hot and adjust the atmosphere according to their needs to make them fall asleep faster.

Photo Credits: Pixabay