Ways to handle yourself while you are emotionally exhausted

Things can be difficult to handle when you are emotionally unstable but there are ways to handle it


The coronavirus pandemic has not just affected the economy but has also affected many people emotionally. Some of the main reasons behind the emotional stress could be due to financial stress, a loss of someone really close, mood swings, family responsibilities or a chronic illness. When a person goes through a tough situation, it becomes hard for him/her to remain calm and not get emotionally drained. Many times it is possible to feel emotionally drained and overwhelmed. But thankfully there are a few ways to deal with it.

1. Identify the stressor – You first need to find the root cause. Ask yourself what is causing the stress. For instance, if it is your work atmosphere that is affecting you, then you can consider changing your job.

2. Eat right – Make sure that you eat balanced food that includes fruits, lean meat, vegetables and avoid heavy or sugary snacks and junk food. Managing your food intake can help you to manage the symptoms of an emotional burnout.

3. Exercise – When you give your body some physical exercise, the body produces the feel good hormones that make you feel good and improves the emotional state. It is the endorphins and serotonin levels that improves the mood and controls your emotional state.

4. Watch your alcohol intake – Try to limit your intake of alcohol. It can make you feel better on a temporary basis but it can also leave you even more anxious than you were before.

5. Get good sleep – Get sleep of at least 7 to 8 hours as lack of sleep will make things worse and make you feel irritated.

6. Practice peace of mind – With the help of meditation, yoga and breathing exercises, you can be able to balance you state of emotions.

7. Talk it out – Make sure to talk it out or share with people you can trust. Sharing helps to free your mind and it also works as a therapy.

Photo Credits: Pixabay