What is atychiphobia and what are its symptoms

Atychiphobia is a fear of failure which has symptoms similar to any other phobia


There are many people who face failures in life. Some might have faced it a number of times. While many could have experienced failure and got back on track to try again, there are also people who find it difficult to overcome the fear of failure. If you think that you are one of them, then there are chances that you might be suffering from atychiphobia. Failure is a part of life and many people have the face it. No one likes to fail but every other person has to face it at some point or other. While many could take it lightly and move on, for some it might be a tough experience. The symptoms of such a condition differ from person to person.

1. It might often make you feel worried about what people think about you. You will constantly feel insecured and angry.

2. It feels as if everything is getting out of control.

3. There could also be a time when you would lose interest in things that you used to love doing.

4. You would also feel the urge to run away from the situation that produces the feeling of fear in you.

5. You prematurely get the feeling that you might nor succeed and might end up disappointing people who value you the most.

6. You tend to tell people beforehand not to have much expectations from you as you realize that you might not succeed.

7. You constantly suffer from a headache, stomach ache or some other situation that prevents you from completing your task.

8. You always have the fear that you might pass away or die before you submit your final work.

While these are the emotional symptoms, some of the physical symptoms include breathing difficulties, fast heart rate, shaking sensation, digestive distress, chest pain, hot or cold flashes and even dizziness. Such a condition can also take away the person’s ability to achieve something in life or might paralyze you. So it is wise to seek a professional help.

Photo Credits: Pixabay