4 Mistakes during shower that could not be healthy for skin

There are a few habits during shower that could actually not be healthy for the skin and should be avoided


There were times when skin care was not much of a fuss as the situation was different then. But now since there is more pollution and dust in the atmosphere, it has become important to make sure that you pay ample attention to the skin care and also follow a proper skin care routine. Most of us might not be aware that we make a few mistakes while taking shower. Such habits could ruin the skin. But avoiding such mistakes can help you to maintain a healthy skin. Here is the list of mistakes.

1. Not taking off make up – Before shower just make sure that you remove your make up with the help of oil or a make-up remover. Just because you are going to take a shower that does not mean that it will help you to get rid of the make-up. Cleanse your skin with a good cleanser and then go for a shower.

2. Do not be in a hurry while having a shave – If you have decided to get your hands and legs shaved, make sure that you have ample time. Soaking in water for at least 5 to 7 minutes softens the hair and makes it easier for the hair follicles to be removed. In this way the razor will not irritate the skin.

3. Too much of shower gel – Too much of shower gel means that you are taking off much of the moisture from your skin. If possible, make use of natural bar soaps or a no-foam body wash. The skin needs to retain some of the moisture or it could lead to dryness.

4. Too much hot water –If is actually comforting to have a hot water bath, but once again, you might be depriving the body of its moisture. Too much of hot water can make the skin dry. Instead you can opt for luke warm water. Alternatively, after a hit water bath, you can stand under cold water shower for at least two to three minutes.

Photo Credits: Pixabay