Tips for parents to prevent air-borne diseases in children amidst changing weather

Now that the weather is changing, it is important for parents to take extra care to keep their children immune from air-borne diseases


The coronavirus pandemic is slowly slowing down and the governments across the globe are also on their way to reopen their respective economies. The intensity of the virus has reduced but with that the weather is also changing. Though this is a natural process, it brings along some health problems due to the change in weather and spread of air-borne diseases becomes common. Monsoon is a time when the spread of air-borne diseases become common. While adults could take care of themselves, it could be a little tricky for the children as they too enjoy splashing themselves in the rain and they are also the most vulnerable to catch any infection. Here are a few tips for parents to keep their children away from air-borne diseases with changing weather.

1. Increase sanitary and hygiene habits – Coming in terms with the global crisis, it might have already become a habit to maintain proper hygiene and washing hands frequently, but this time make it a little more stricter as the weather changes. Parents have to keep a watch that children are taking all the measures and washing hands frequently.

2. Be careful while stepping out in public –When you and your children are stepping outside, make sure that they are covering their face with masks and face shields. In case of toddlers, cover their mouth with a comfortable cloth.

3. Educate your children the basics – The children who are grown up enough need to be educated to sneeze in their elbows and cover their mouths when they are coughing.

4. Wash hands and feet after returning from outside – After children are done with playing outside, made sure that they wash their feet and hands properly with soap.

5. Improve their immunity – Chidlren’s immunity has to be improved by giving them a balanced diet that has plenty of proteins and foods that are good for health.

6. Consult a doctor in case of even mild symptoms –It is best to consult a medical practitioner or a pediatrician even in case of minor symptoms as problems like pneumonia should be avoided.

Photo Credits: Pixabay