Things to keep in mind while undergoing IVF Treatment amidst coronavirus pandemic

If you are one of those undergoing IVF Treatment amidst the coronavirus pandemic, certain things can be kept in mind


The In-vitro Fertilization method of assisted reproductive technology and couples who struggle to conceive a baby naturally opt for such a process. Amidst the coronavirus pandemic a lot has been talked about the treatment and a lot of misinformation is also doing the rounds. Many of the IVF clinics had announced that they will be postponing the service due to the spread of the virus and the lockdown, but many of them had already underwent the oocyte retrieval and embryo implantation. But now they are worried about the upcoming follow-up visits. For them here are a few facts that could give them some relief.

1. No risk of miscarriages due to coronavirus – People who have conceived naturally or through IVF need not to worry about anything as the virus is new and not much data is available. But according to the recent data treatments like IVF do not increase the risk of miscarriages or pre-term births.

2. Who is eligible to undergo the treatment – Couples who wish to opt for the IVF treatment can go ahead with it, as long as they are not coronavirus positive. Those who are positive should not undergo the treatment and should not think of childbearing unless they have fully recovered. Those who have opted, it is recommended that they lead a healthy lifestyle to remain immune from any kind of infections.

3. Many expectant mothers are worried while undergoing treatment and those who have conceived during the pandemic need not to worry about anything. Some of the recent data reveals that there was no greater risk to the foetus or the mother if they remain healthy and immune.

4. Doctors too take precautions – During the pandemic, doctors are also making sure that their clinics are safe to be visited by the patients. Social distancing measures are being implemented and the patients are also given online appointments so that they need not visit the clinic if there is no need.

Photo Credits: Pixabay