Health benefits of having sauna bath

Sauna Bath has several health benefits and should be done at least 3 to 4 times a week

sauna bath

It is highly recommended to have sauna bath at least twice or thrice a week as it is highly beneficial for the health. Many health-conscious people indulge in sauna baths very often as it helps them to remain fit and also helps those who are looking forward to lose some weight. It is also highly recommended after an intense workout session. This is also the reason, many gyms provide this facility along with their memberships. The amount of sweat is almost equal to how much we sweat during workout. Here are a few health benefits of having a sauna bath.

1. Helps in muscle soreness – An intense workout can lead to muscle soreness. Having a sauna bath increases the temperature and soothes the muscle soreness.

2. Cleanses the body – The body sweats a lot during this process and it is thus effective to detoxify the body. The main detoxification process happens in the lungs, kidneys and the liver.

3. Helps losing weight – People who are trying to shed some weight can benefit from it as it aids weight loss. It has to be combined with a good workout session though.

4. Lowers high blood pressure – it not just helps to lower the high blood pressure, but also increases the insulin sensitivity and strengthens the vascular function.

5. Reduces the risk of dementia – People who opt for a sauna bath at least four times in a week, can experience 66 percent reduced risk of dementia.

6. Improved athletic performance – Having a bath in the sauna helps to improve the athletic performance and also helps in increasing the blood volume. Indulging in this regularly also helps to improve strength.

Risk involved

Sauna bath also comes with its own risks. it is not recommended to have sauna baths for people who are heart patients as the heart rate during this can go from 100 to 160 beats per minute.

Photo Credits: Pixabay