Uber to require drivers and riders to wear safety masks

Uber is working on a tech that will help them to determine if the driver is wearing a mask


The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has affected a number of businesses across the globe and has forced many of them to temporarily stall their activities in order to stop the spread of the virus. Uber is one of the services which has also halted its services but is preparing well to get back to track. Discussions are going around internally among the authorities about taking the appropriate measures and keeping the drivers and the passengers safe. Uber is planning to make it mandatory for the passengers and the drivers to wear face masks or face coverings when they are using the service. The protocol might be applied in the countries, where the service is all set to be rolled out in phases. The countries will include the United States.

The new rule was approved in a recent meeting that was held in the past. The requirements are expected to be applied to the service in the upcoming weeks. In order to get this rolling, Uber is working on a technology that will detect if the drivers are wearing masks or face coverings before they go online and begin to accept trips. The decision has been made only recently and an official announcement is yet to be made as things are still in a very primary stage. The company is also looking as to how to hold the riders accountable.

No official announcement has been made, but Uber confirmed to a leading daily that it is indeed planning to bring a policy in place that will make it mandatory for its drivers and riders to wear face masks or coverings and is also developing a tech to detect if the drivers are following the instructions. As many countries are now planning a phased reopen, it is also planning to ensure the safety.

For now Uber is helping to deliver essential supplies and are also preparing for the next phase of recovery. The United States has been under the pandemic for about six weeks and Uber is also considering staff cuts.

Photo Credits: Pixabay