Coronavirus drug remdesivir to be available as soon as this week

The drug company that made the drug remdesivir to treat coronavirus patients has donated its entire supply


In a big relief amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the Food and Drug Administration has approved the anti-viral drug remdesivir , which can be used to treat coronavirus, on May 1, 2020. The good news is that the drug will be made available for treating the coronavirus patients as early as this week. The drug has been made by Gilead Sciences and the announcement of it was made by the CEO Dan O’Day on May 3, 2020. O’Day said that their goal is to reach the patients with the drug as early as this week.

Another important announcement that has been made by the pharmaceutical family is that they will be donating the entire supply of the drug remdesivir, which is about 1.5 million vials to the government, who will be distributing and supplying it across the country as needed. O’Day while talking about the donation said that they are doing it as they understand the human suffering during the current pandemic and wants to make sure that nothing comes in the way to the patients.

The CEO of the pharmaceutical company added that it will be the government that will determine the most affected places and where the patients need it the most. Remdesivir was earlier involved in a federal trial which found that it helps a speedy recovery of the people suffering from COVID-19. The company is donating about one and a half million of remdesivir which can treat about 100,000 to 200,000 people.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected a number of countries and is continuing to spread across more cities. A number of countries have now put travel restrictions to avoid the spread in other parts of the world. Lockdowns have also been imposed in a number of countries. After about a month of lockdown, the governments are gradually allowing economic activities to help the money rolling back to the market.

Photo Credits: Pixabay