7 Simple ways to keep your wardrobe organized

Wardrobe organization can be a pain in the neck but a few simple steps can make it a cake-walk


The lockdown is a great time to take time out and clean your closet that you had been longing to do. A Wardrobe is a place where you place some of your favourite things including accessories and other tit bits at a safe place. But it is also a place which becomes vulnerable to get scattered and disorganized. But there are still ways you can keep your wardrobe organized and keep them intact for a longer time.

1. Use Storage boxes – Storage boxes come really handy as they help to classify things according to their type. For Instances you can keep your undergarments in a separate box and keep some of your expensive and delicate clothing in a different one. Just make sure that they are transparent as it will be easier for you to identify.

2. Install hooks inside the closet – You can install small hooks inside the closet where you can hang your accessories and scarves so you can make more space for other things.

3. Put away winter clothes – Winter clothes certainly occupy more space, so keep them at a place where you don’t often reach which can be a closed storage space.

4. Use shelf baskets – Shelf baskets come really handy so you can keep your pants at one place and shirts in the other. This also makes your wardrobe look organized.

5. Install extra rods – You can have extra rods inside your wardrobe where you can hang more hangers with shirts or dresses and scarves. Make sure you don’t overdo it or it will make it look more crowded.

6. Do not dispose the shoe boxes – There are show boxes which are durable and can be used to store light weight items in them.

7. Use tie holders – Tie holders are surprisingly useful and can be used to hold other items from the closet.

Make sure that you throw in some naphthalene balls wrapped in a cotton cloth to keep your wardrobe safe from bugs.

Photo Credits: Pixabay