5 Ways to avoid putting on weight during lockdown

Lockdown is a time when it is very likely that you might put on weight but there are still solutions that you can look up to


While China is on the road to recovery, the coronavirus pandemic is reaching its peak in the other countries of the world. The pandemic has forced many governments to implement a countrywide lockdown for many weeks. The lockdown has changed the everyday habits and many people have also become prone to put on extra weight due to lack of movement and exercise. The gyms and other workout places have been closed due to preventive measures and such circumstances have left very less choices to the general public for workout. But there are a few ways you can adopt and can help you to keep you away from putting on extra weight.

1. Keep sipping water – Do not deprive your body of water. You might not be doing enough activity, but that does not mean that you deprive your body of water. Since it is summer time, it is important to have ample fluids and t also helps to drain out all the toxins of the body.

2. Do not diet too much – It is good to watch what It is good to watch what you eat, but that does not mean that you deprive your body of nutrients. Maintain a balanced diet as it will also keep any probable anxiety (due to lockdown) away. Include fruits and green vegetables in your diet.

3. Try to remain active – Do not be a couch potato. If you have kids at home, indulge in some physical activities with them so you can discourage the children from sitting in front of the TV all day and your movements will also keep your body active.

4. Try something new with food – This is the time you can experiment since you have all the time. You do not have to be a master chef, but make something with just a few simple ingredients available at home.

5. Improve immunity – In the morning on an empty stomach, drink at least one glass full of warm water with lemon with its zest.

Photo Credits: Pixabay