5 Reasons you put on weight during winter time

Winter time is a season that makes you prone to gain weight due to a number of reasons

winter weight

Winter is a time when it becomes pretty easy to gain weight. Cold winter mornings force you to get back in to your warm and cozy blankets and spent some more time in the warmth. It is a very common problems during winter. Winter time is when the temperature goes down, the days become shorter and it becomes very easy to gain about 2 to 3 kilos of weight. If you are confused as to what causes tie weight gain, here are a few reasons that could be held responsible.

1. The days are shorter – Well there is a relation between the fays being shorter and a sudden weight gain. With shorter days, the everyday meal time gets disturbed and it becomes tough to plan your everyday meal.

2. You feel more hungry – Midnight hunger becomes common as the blood sugar levels tend to drop during winter time. This is the major reason we tend to put on some extra weight and feel like eating fatty meals.

3. Low levels of Vitamin D – Winter is a time when you would hardly get to have the sunlight. The days become short and the drop in the temperature would force you to remain indoors and makes you feel lazy and gloomy. While you are not able to do anything productive, it affects your mood and low levels of Vitamin D makes you prone to weight gain.

4. Wearing layers of clothes – Winter is a time when you get to wear layers of clothes, which hides your body and makes you less worried about your eating habits.

5. Less water consumption – it is important to remain hydrated as 70 percent of the body is made up of water. Winter is a time when you tend to consume less water, which allows the toxins to remain in the body and leads to an unnecessary weight gain. During winter time too it is important to stay hydrated.

Photo Credits: Pixabay