4 Fake health advices about Coronavirus and its outbreak

There are a few misconceptions and fake health advices about Coronavirus that is doing the rounds on the internet


People across the globe are living under the fear of Coronavirus and are under such a situation that they would believe anything from everywhere they seem appropriate to remain safe from it. But the internet is also filled with a few rumours and fake advises and remedies that one has to be careful from. There are also people who are giving away fake health advise that everyone needs to be aware of. Incorrect health advise can prove to be harmful and can also have reverse effects. Here are a few fake health tips that you should be careful from and never believe in.

1. Miracle mineral supplement – There is a YouTuber who has claimed that a supplement which is also known as the MMS can wipe away the virus and is also promoting it. The fact is that the supplement in question contains bleaching agent known as Chlorine and can be dangerous if it is consumed. It can lead to poisoning and also cause vomiting and nausea.

2. Garlic – A few people have said that consuming garlic as a home remedy can cure COVID-19 and eating it also prevents the infection from infecting you. Though it is a fact that the spice has anti-bacterial properties but that does not mean that it can cure the disease. Nothing has been verified but still the remedy is not dangerous. Just make sure that you do not overdo it.

3. Home-made hand-sanitizers – While the market does not have any hand-sanitizers available, there have been reports which has advised people to make home-made hand sanitizers. The fact is that it is not possible to make a potent hand sanitizer at home that can prevent germs and bacteria.

4. Over-hydrating – Drinking water is healthy and keeps up immunity levels, but it cannot treat or prevent coronavirus. Over-hydrating is surely not good for health and can affect your body in the wrong way. But continue to drink water that your body needs.

Photo Credits: Pixabay