5 Surprising benefits of crying

Many have related crying to a mental state of a person, but not many are aware that there are also a few benefits


Technically, crying is a process where the tears are shed from the eyes under s few situations like an emotional state, pain or some physical irritation caused in the eyes. Some relate this to mental stress ad opine that it is not good for the mental health. But not many are aware that crying actually has a number of benefits. Research has shown that women tend to cry 3.5 times per month while men cry 1.9 times in a month on an average. Here are a few health benefits of crying.

1. Soothes pain – When you cry out of pain, whether emotional or physical, it helps the body to release oxytocins and endorphins which are also known as the happy chemicals released in the body that help to soothe the pain. Such hormones helps to ease your pain and also promotes the sense of well being. It not just eases the pain but also helps to improve the mood.

2. Reduces stress – A new research has suggested that allowing yourself to cry helps to reduce the stress levels as it activates the parasympathetic nervous system that helps the body to relax.

3. Helps you to sleep better – In babies it is found that crying helps them to sleep better, but this phenomenon has not been proved in adults yet. But it cannot be denied that emotional tears helps to relieve the stress the person is going through and can also have a good impact on the sleep.

4. Improves vision – Tears help to moisturize the eyes and also prevents the mucous membranes from getting dried up. The tears work as a lubricant and help the person to see more clearly.

5. Fights bacteria – Tears have a fluid known as lysozyme that kills the bacteria in the eyes and keeps them clean. They have powerful antimicrobial features that reduce the risk of anthrax that is presented by the bioterror carriers.

Photo Credits: Pixabay