Nail care rituals that help to maintain healthy nails

Nails need proper care and just a few rituals, you can have healthy ones

healthy nails

Apart from your hair and skin, even your nails need some attention and care. That does not mean that you need to do a lot and need to follow a big process in terms of maintenance. It just needs a little bit of extra effort that will help you to grow long and healthy nails which are not brittle. Just like your skin, your nails are no different and need some attention. Here are a few ways you can maintain good health of your nails.

1. Moisturize – When you moisturize your hands, also make sure that you moisturize your nails. You can buy a good hand cream and massage your hands and nails every day after having bath and before going to bed.

2. Clean your nails – Your nails is a breeding place for bacteria. Clean your nails with an earbud or a toothpick everyday. You can wet the earbud and cleanse your nails and cuticles twice a day.

3. Take care of your cuticles – There are many people who ignore the cuticles. But they also need to be taken care of. There are many cuticle oils which are available in the market and can be used to massage on the cuticles on en everyday basis. This helps a good blood circulation and helps the nails to have a healthy growth.

4. Buy a nail kit – You can buy a good nail kit that has all the instruments that are handy to clean your nails. It also has a filer which can come handy when you nails get chipped or break.

5. Get a manicure done – At least once in a month, get a manicure done which is great for the health of your nails. A manicure helps to moisturize and clean the nails and promotes growth and have healthy nails.

6. Avoid too much water contact – Nails tend to absorb water which makes them very weak and brittle. Make sure that you spend minimum time in the shower.

Photo Credits: Pixabay