Huawei and other chip makers continue production work despite coronavirus outbreak

Huawei and other chip manufacturers have continued to remain in production despite the government’s call to halt work due to coronavirus


Coronavirus outbreak in China has affected many businesses in the Asian country. As the virus is spreading to different parts of the country, the government has instructed the businesses and factories to temporarily shut down services and work to prevent the spread of the virus. But despite the government’s instructions, some of the tech firms have continued the operations that manufacture parts and products. Chinese tech giant Huawei is one such company which made an announcement on February 3, 2020 that it has resumed the production of products that include consumer devices along with carrier equipment.

The company said that the operations were running normally and started the manufacturing after the Lunar new Year holiday. The operations were in line with those who were allowed in the critical industries to remain in operation. Authorities in Beijing have called to halt work in some of the cities due to the ongoing scare. A spokesman from Huawei said that most of the production was held at a facility at the southern province of Guangdong.

Many of the cities and provinces in China have called for the factories to halt work and some of the factories are allowed to remain in operation. Other factories can also apply to remain an exemption. There are many factories who have remained in operation as the New Year is of critical importance in Beijing. Even in Wuhan, from where the outbreak started, Yangtze Memory Technologies, a flash memory chip maker, said that it has not halted the production. A spokesperson from the company said that the production operations are going on in an orderly manner.

It has also been assured that none of the employees are infected with the coronavirus and has also brought some isolation measures and partitions to make sure the staff remains safe and virus free. The company had not ceased the production even during the Lunar New Year holiday.

Photo Credits: Pixabay