7 Signs that can indicate stress levels

Stress can affect not just the brain but also other parts of the body


Stress can be called as a monster, who has the ability to affect different parts of the body and not just the mind. It can affect the physical health, thinking ability and behaviors. Health experts have warned the workaholic professionals that chronic stress or prolonged stress can cause health issues and the fact is that no part of the body can be immune. Here are a few signs that can hint that a person is too stressed.

1. Digestive problems – There is surely a connection between the brain and the digestive system and it helps to explain why stress can be a cause for a number of issues that are related to the digestive system. If the stress levels are chronic, then the conditions could also become worse.

2. Constant headaches – headache is another prominent symptom of stress. It can range from mild, moderate or even severe pain on the head, neck or behind the eyes. There are also possibilities that stress could lead to other types of headaches like migraines.

3. Sudden weight gain – Some might also face a fluctuation in weight, but constant bothering or worrying can tend to increase the weight of the person due to a sudden increase in the appetite.

4. Poor immunity of the body – When the mind seems unwell, it adversely affects the immune system of the body which ultimately leads to problems like cold and flu. If proper care is not taken, then the cold and flu tends to reoccur.

5. Pain in the chest – Mental frustration can also cause the chest to become tight which ultimately leads to chest pain. Such situations can also lead to heart issues.

6. Feeling of tiredness – When you are mentally stressed, it leads to fatigue, which means you will feel constantly tired the entire day.

7. Loss of love towards partner – When you are mentally ill, it takes away the brain’s ability to feel the love for your partner and works with men and women. It can also cause infertility issues.

Photo Credits: Pixabay