New Pests Invade The Mid-Atlantic States – Stink Bugs


Updated Trends: New Pests Invade The Mid-Atlantic States – Stink Bugs

There is a whole new problem in the Mid-Atlantic states, the region has been invaded and infested by small insects known as the Stink Bugs. The threat seen in Stick Bugs is more critical than Bed bugs in the US. These little creatures are proving to be very dangerous in the fields and crops in it. They have a strong capacity to devour fruit which in turn is damaged critically.

Stink Bugs

For homes and residential owners, these bugs pose less than limited threat, but they do emit a strong stink from their rear which spoils the air around for a while, but it is not dangerous or harmful. The only threat these creatures possess is on the crop, as they literally destroy crops which are on the verge of yield.

Stink bugs are common in Asia and the central tropics, as they confined mostly to forests and bushes. But the invasion in the US is a whole new story. Farmers are really angry with their infestation and that they have asked that something needs to be done about these little creatures.