Gaza Bound Activists Boat Approached By Israel Warship


Updated Trends: Gaza Bound Activists Boat Approached By Israel Warship

Israel is at it again, and this time an Israeli warship approached a Gaza bound activists boat off the waters of Gaza. The small catamaran was carrying Jewish activist on board and they were on their way to the blocked of the Gaza Strip. This is the latest warship that has breached the 3 year old Palestine territory treaty.

The situation with Israel navy and the boats approaching Gaza has been heated up recently, especially after the scenario worsened when Israel did a fatal attacked a Gaza bound Turkey Flotilla a couple of months ago. The captain of the boat stated that he had spotted the Israeli vessel some 12 miles away into the sea.

Israel’s military has made no comments on the incident for the moment. The captain of the Ship stated that, he thought the navy would intersect them and try to stop them, but they were not afraid of the situation as they were going on a mission to provide help in Gaza.