6 Reasons why Swimming is the best exercise

There are a number of reasons why swimming is the best exercise than anything else


People who are looking forward for a weight loss regime often turn to exercise and diet, which can be tough for many. It is essential to cut on consumption of carbohydrates and get in to a regular regime of gym sessions. Not many are aware that swimming is an exercise that many underestimate. It not just helps to lose weight but also helps to keep your weight in check. Here are a few reasons listed below as to why swimming is the best exercise.

1. Helps in full-body workout – Swimming gives a good workout for the entire body. It helps to tone the muscles, helps in endurance and also improves heart health. The exercise is good for those who have arthritis or have suffered muscular injuries.

2. Good for pregnant women – The exercise leaves low impact on the body which means that it is the best form for women who are expecting. However, pregnant women should first consult with their doctor before they indulge in swimming.

3. Helps lose weight – It is an exercise that makes use of all the muscle group which leads to a quicker weight loss. People who want to lose weight faster can indulge in intense swimming sessions that can help them to burn more calories.

4. Burns calories even after swimming hours – The beauty of the exercise is that, the body will continue to burn calories even after you are done with your session.

5. Improves body metabolism – This form of exercise helps to build a good body metabolism of the body. It is important to have a strong metabolism to remain free of infections.

6. Can burn up to 400 calories – If you swim for about an hour then you can even end up burning about 400 calories. The count can be much lower when you spend an hour in the gym. If you are not in a hurry then even half an hour per day can be enough for 5 days a week.

Photo Credits: Pixabay