Segway Owner Jimi Heselden Dies In A Freak Scooter Accident


Updated Trends: Segway Owner Jimi Heselden, Dies In A Freak Scooter Accident

British businessman, Jimi Heselden, who had bought Segway recently, died in freak accident on his scooter, at the age of 62. It is reported that Jimi Heselden’s scooter went off a cliff and fell into a river below, where he eventually died. Jimi had purchased the US based Segway company from Dean Kamen, who was the inventor of the vehicles, in December 2009.

Jimi Heselden Segway

The British media stated that Heselden fell in to the river Wharfe, while he was riding a rugged country version of his scooter in Yorkshire. The police had received a call at around 11.40 a.m.,that a man was seen falling into the river Wharfe from the cliffs above.

The British police reached the scene and have found a Segway scooter on the spot, for now the death incident is not suspicious for the police. After he took over the US based Segway in 2009, Heselden had a finance stock pile of $265 million. In a recent news in British media, Heselden had donated some $36 million to charity in the UK.